The Aspen Institute

One Dupont Circle, N.W. Suite 700
20036 Washington D.C.
tel: +1 (202) 736-5800
fax: +1 (202) 467-0790

The Aspen Institute (US) is based in Aspen Colorado and Washington, DC. Affiliates have been established in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, India, Romania, Spain and the Czech Republic. The affiliates are self-financing and are managed independently but espouse the Aspen values.
The Aspen Institute International Network links together diverse groups of leaders in different countries and regions to provide opportunities for learning and programmatic activities that enhance the quality of leadership in an increasingly global world system.
These networks facilitate the convening of leadership dialogues, provide for the participation of diverse perspectives and the support of multiple funding sources to ensure that these dialogues are broadly representative, both intellectually and politically, and independent of special political or other influences.
The Aspen Institute International Network is open to participation by leaders from any country or region which is genuinely committed to free and open dialogue and the promotion of values that underlie open societies.

Aspen Community

  • Mircea Geoana

    Mircea Geoana is the founder...

  • Mariana Gheorghe

    CEO, OMV Petrom S.A.
    Chief Executive Officer more

  • Florin Pogonaru

    President, Romanian Businessmen's Association

  • Roberto Musneci

    Senior Partner, Serban & Musneci
    Dr. Roberto...