Lucian Dumbrăvieanu

Lucian Dumbrăvieanu
Lucian has an economic background, with a Msc in European Integration from University AI Cuza Iasi, with the final thesis on “The role of Euro on the international markets” and a BA in Banking & Stock Exchange from the Economic and Business Administration Faculty (FEEA), University AI Cuza Iasi, with final thesis on “Risk Management in Banking”. During his master studies he has been Teaching Assistant at FEEA; then he realized that he prefers working in the private sector as it is more challenging and performance oriented. Since 2003 he is working in banking industry, in different banking institution, gradually progressing to his current position, Senior Director, Head of International Corporate Customers. His favourite saying, which also guides his work, is “Dictum Meum Pactum” as trust and commitment are in his opinion the most valuable characteristics for a banker. He like very much his job, as it allows him to be in contact with major international economic players, with a wide cultural background (people & companies from Asia, Middle East, North America and, of course, from Europe), which are investing in Romania, employing thousands of Romanian citizens. Aside work, he is interested in behavioural economics and sustainable growth, he loves reading (especially Russian and Latin American authors), and he enjoys doing sports (skiing, running and tennis) and travelling. Also, he is a volunteer for United Way, as assessor of projects to be financed and in being involved in the recently launched Mentorship program of the foundation.

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